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How To Bypass Windows Password In Windows 10

You computer is likely to contain crucial information, maybe it's personal or professional. It is necessary that you keep it safeguarded from third party interruptions and data leakage. Most of us tend to provide a screen login password through which the laptop remains safe from the hands of unknown people trying to access it. This piece of letters, number and special characters is of crucial importance. If in case by trying to keep it extra safe you end up forgetting the password yourself then it will be a mess of a situation to control because without access to the password you cannot open the laptop. Considering that a Windows 7 laptop at your disposal contains several important details, you need to provide it with a password to maintain protection and also not forget it yourself.

Steps : 

Use Kon-Boot 2.5 

1. Insert Pen Drive Any system .

2. Open Kon-Boot Software , Double click Konboot Installer .

3. Click Available USB drives .

4. Select Pen drive  .

5. Then Click Install to USB Stick .


6.  Select any system and Insert pen drive .

7. System Restart .

8. Press continue Boot Key .

ex -  F7 , F8 , F9 , F10 , F11 , F12 , Tab , Esc Key 

9. Select USB Storage Device .

10. Select Kon-Boot ( CURRENT VERSION )

11.  Then go to login Screen .

12. press Enter key . 

YouTube :  

YouTube Link :       Bypass Windows Password
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